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Trolleys for cameras, flashes & other equipment


Photo trolleys, if you own more equipment

Photo backpacks on wheels, or rather suitcases on wheels for your photo equipment! If you travel with a lot of equipment to a shooting or an assignment, you must be able to transport your equipment safely and compactly. Be it in a hard case / flight case or a trolley with fabric. The brands Manfrotto, Mantone, Nanuk or Think Tank provide a great variety of different models here, we also carry other interesting brands with some exciting trolley models. Trolleys offer enough space for large lenses, large or multiple cameras, additional filters and attachments.

What to look for in a photo trolley

A trolley should not only offer plenty of storage space, but preferably also a good layout / order. Some trolleys offer extra storage space for clothes, but this is very rarely the case. Extra luggage costs extra and causes not only higher travel costs, but it also means more effort to bring the camera from A to B. An alternative to the photo trolley can also be a simple photo insert, which can be installed in any standard trolley model.

When buying, make sure you know the equipment you want to take with you, so you can better estimate the size you need. It is important that the individual elements of the trolley can be adjusted individually, so that your equipment is stowed tightly. If you buy a trolley specifically for the flight, you should pay attention to the dimensions of the trolley, because for air travel there are fixed specifications for the sizes of luggage. Trolley models which are suitable for air travel are usually specially marked in the product description.

Photo trolleys are available with two or four wheels, as there are also regular suitcases / travel trolleys, with several wheels. Perfect for the airport!

Advantages of trolleys for photo equipment

  • comfortable solution for a lot of luggage
  • high impact protection
  • good shock protection
  • available in backpack combinations

Disadvantages of a photo trolley

  • unsuitable in rural areas
  • higher weight
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