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Flash units for Sony cameras

Flash units for Sony - light and creativity

Today, by flash you don't just mean the classic clip-on flash. Today, you can develop a unique image style with a Sony camera and a clip-on flash or, for example, a ring flash. For the popular Sony mirrorless cameras, many well-known manufacturers, such as Cullmann, Metz, Nissin and of course Sony themselves produce high-quality flashes. These are characterized by a high guide number and thus with a high light output. Professionals and amateurs can use them to improve their pictures and also take pictures in situations in which it would normally not be possible because of weak light. The control of the flash unit by means of a center contact allows the unit to take over the exposure metering of the camera. So you can leave it up to the flash itself to get the perfect exposure, or try out the classic manual method for yourself. No matter how you do it, as a photographer, the quality of the pictures can increase significantly when using a flash for Sony.

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