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Review Fuji X100VI
Reading time: 10 minutes - February 20, 2024 - by Christina Thomas

The camera everyone has been waiting for!

Hardly any other camera has been as sought after in recent years as the Fujifilm X100V! Now there is finally a successor that has fulfilled all our expectations! We'll show you what they are in this blog post with video!

Never change a winning team

To be honest, we are more than happy that Fujifilm has kept the iconic and classic design of the X100V. After all, the design is one of the main reasons why this camera is so popular. At first glance, it is noticeable that the design and body of the X100VI have hardly changed: The X100VI has almost the same dimensions as its predecessor and has only become minimally heavier - by 43g. This small difference has an extremely important reason - but we'll come to that later.

Since not much has changed in terms of size and design, all original Fujifilm accessories and accessories from the X100V can also be used with the X100VI without any problems.

The viewfinder and display were already great in the Fujifilm X100V - and are also built into the X100VI. However, the display can now be folded down quite a bit further: Instead of a 30? angle, it is now 45?. This allows the camera to be used even more flexibly, especially in situations where a lower perspective is required.

The Fujinon 23mm f/2.0 II lens is also retained in the X100VI. The focal length of 23mm (35mm in 35mm format) is particularly ideal for street and portrait photography.

For all those who want a little more zoom, the X100VI also has a digital 1.4x or 2x teleconverter. These options make it possible to achieve equivalent focal lengths of around 50mm and 70mm and thus enlarge the image section without having to use additional accessories. Thanks to the higher resolution of the camera, the digital teleconverter is now even more fun to use.

What's new?


What makes the X100VI a real upgrade compared to its predecessor? First and foremost is definitely the newly installed, high-quality IBIS with up to 6 stops, which is also responsible for the additional weight of 43g. However, we are more than happy to accept this extra weight, as the IBIS makes a clear difference in both photo and video recordings. Even when shooting handheld while walking, the IBIS compensates considerably, and the digital stabilizer can be switched on for additional stability.

The sensor

The sensor has also been significantly improved: the X100VI is effectively a mini version of the X-T5, with a 40 megapixel sensor and a more powerful processor. This means: ISO 125 and a shutter speed of 1/180,000s. In addition, there is now also pre-capture so as not to miss the perfect moment. Thanks to the new sensor, the X100VI also features new film simulations, which are of course a must for Fujifilm cameras. A total of 20 simulations are integrated, three more than its predecessor, including the new Reala Ace Look, which many already know from the GFX 100 II.

The autofocus system

The AF system also comes from the X-T5 and offers very good automatic subject recognition, which can recognize not only people, but also animals, birds, cars, motorcycles, planes and trains. Compared to its predecessor, the improved body detection is particularly noticeable for people, which reliably tracks even when no face is recognized.

Video features

The Fuji X100VI has also received a significant upgrade in the area of video, with recording options of 6.2K/30P and 4K/60P, in contrast to the previous 4K/30P. The integrated ND filter with up to 4 stops is also back for even better exposure control.

Fujifilm X100VI silver

  • 40.2 Megapixel
  • X-Trans CMOS 5 sensor
  • X-Processor 5
  • advanced FUJINON 23mmF2 lens
  • 6.2K / 30p, 4K/60 p video function
  • foldable 7.6 cm (3 inch) touch LCD with 1.62 million pixels
  • 6.0 stops IBIS
  • weatherproof (in combination with the AR-X100 adapter ring and the PRF-49 protective filter)

Further innovations

There are also a few small but significant changes that Fujifilm has made to its X100VI. Especially in terms of operation, there are some new features:
The Drive Delete button has been minimally repositioned and the crown on the lever for switching the viewfinder is now ribbed, which improves handling.

We also liked the smoother movement of the focus ring and the slightly smoother ISO selection dial. The Disp/Back button is now also assigned to Bluetooth pairing, which is a practical addition. Even if these changes are not revolutionary innovations, details like these often make a big difference in practice.

However, one point on our wish list unfortunately remains unfulfilled: The complete weather resistance of the X100VI, without the need for additional Weather-Resistant Kit, would have been a very good improvement. Unfortunately, Fujifilm has not listened to us on this point, but perhaps we can hope for this in future models.

Fujifilm sample shot with color filter


With the new X100VI, Fuji has fulfilled our expectations for the successor to the most popular Fujifilm camera. A new, stabilized sensor with the same form factor, improved performance for photos and videos and the new autofocus system simply make it the perfect lifestyle camera that you always want to have with you!

And the price of the X100VI has remained almost the same. With a recommended retail price of ?1,799, the X100VI is even ?200 less than the RRP of the X-T5. This makes the X100VI not only worthwhile for all those who are looking for a compact, first-class camera for street photography and traveling, but it is also a serious competitor for Leica's Q3!

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